MCCT LTD Training Behavior Based Safety (Observation Intervention program)

Behavior Based Safety (Observation Intervention program)

Aim & Objective
Learning Out come
Aim & Objective

MCCT focuses on personal motivation for working safely and helps your employees recognize the critical difference in “believing in” versus simply “complying with” safety.The primary aim of MCCT Behavioral-Based Safety training, is to protect an organization’s most valuable asset – its people.The workshop reduces incident rates by helping your organization provide people the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to create an incident-free culture.

Learning Out come

Commit to reducing at-risk behaviors which lead to incidents both on and off the

job.Identify and mitigate hazards thoroughly by recognizing how risk tolerance

impacts safety.Provide effective feedback to others on the safe and at-risk

behaviors they demonstrate.

Experiential projects encourage individuals to demonstrate

their existing strengths and practice new skills.Trainee will

behave differently in their day-to-day responsibilities

through implementing the tools they learn

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