MCCT LTD Training Basic Fire Fighting Training

Basic Fire Fighting Training

Course Overview
Course Content
Course Objectives
Who Should Attend
Approach and Methodologies
On-site Training
Course Overview

This Basic Fire Fighting Training is specially designed to introduce trainees to the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Fighting Team, and to obtain the necessary skill of fire safety, prevention and risk assessment. This course provides awareness of the danger of fire, guidance in the use of extinguishers and how to carry out the fire routine procedure.

Course Content

  • How fire starts
  • Classification of fire
  • How to prevent fire?
  • Fire protection
  • What to do in event of fire?
  • To fight or not to fight a fire
  • Fire Extinguisher s
  • Fire Fighting Rules
  • Practical exercises

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Basic Fire Fighting Training, participants will be able to:

• Understand different types of fire extinguisher

• Demonstrate the use of the fire extinguisher promptly

• Demonstrate the ability to manage small fire, safely and effectively

Who Should Attend

• Fire Team Members, Fire Wardens

• Safety and Health Committee Members

• Emergency Response Team Members

• Persons who involved in fire routine procedure or any individual

• For all employees up to supervisory level who would be required to assist in the event of fire emergency.

Approach and Methodologies

Tab ContentParticipants will gain essential knowledge and skills through:

Theory Session

• Dynamic & highly engaging presentation

• Interactive and fun

• Attention-grabbing audio-visual aids, real scene photographs, video clips, multimedia presentation

Practical Session

• Hands-on experience

• Participant-orient

Our trainers’ firefighting expertise is also available to the corporate sector through a range of courses

designed to fit the needs of companies at their designated venue.

On-site Training

If you have a member of delegate with similar training need MCCT also offers cost effective in-house or on-site training solutions. The course can be customized according to your organization specific needs.

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