Training and Consultancy


Dedicated team for Quality Services provides quality support services to companies to help them in improving quality of work so that our customer must enjoy reliable working atmosphere. We work as an extension of their quality department. Quality management is a way of doing business that allows an organization to design products and services that meet or exceed customer needs and build operational processes that achieve high levels of performance and quality


MCCT offers flexible service delivery options that help us to move rapidly to meet client needs, including both non-profit and for-profit. Our methods feature: Cutting-edge approaches and up-to-date findings from scientific and best-practice research Strategies to improve efficiency, sustainability, and customer service Management tools to direct the process of organizational and behavioral change Respect for the traditions and uniqueness of diverse cultural and ethnic groups Techniques and solutions that reflect the value of individuals and communities


Maximizing the potential of the people in your organization is probably the single most important step you can take towards achieving your organization’s strategic goals. Consequently, selecting your learning provider and partner is a major decision. MCCT have been providing quality training solutions since 2002. Our services throughout the world with cost effective training solutions, have resulted in reduced cost, improved quality and customer satisfaction by building on the skills and potential of their people. All these courses are held at MCCT training facilities, although in-company courses can be arranged. For futher inquiry, please click here


Our Primary Prevention Program is designed to help you maintain a healthy and productive workforce. We focus on identifying the symptoms that may lead to disorders, at the earliest possible stage. Since 2002, we have been helping companies and businesses protect their work force, the environment and the public while meeting regulatory guidelines. Team Our expert staff is comprised of individuals trained at the international level in health/ occupational health. With academic degrees in public health, industrial hygiene, chemistry, safety, health sciences, environmental science, audiology, engineering, insurance and health care, our staff members offer a wide range of expertise in occupational Health matters


Our Principal areas of business activity include:

-Extensive “wide-range” Pre-Employment Screening
-Comprehensive Sickness & Absence Case Management
-Risk Management Advice
-Health Surveillance techniques
-Stress Management and Counseling
-Travel, Vaccination and Immunization services
-Insurance Advisory Services


Health and safety training courses delivered in house (at your location) can gain you major savings. We offer one of the best in house training fees in the industry and will be able to help reduce your cost of training and tailor make courses that actual meet your business requirements. Training in first aid, CPR and stress management etc have been profoundly delivered to many workforces of national and international organizations. For futher inquiry, please click here


MCCT is an internationally recognized professional service organization that provides workplace safety consulting, training, staffing, program planning and implementation. Our services give you remarkable flexibility in meeting your needs. Thanks to full-time recruiting and our relationships with top consultant professionals nationwide, we have the resources and depth to respond to assignments quickly. That means you can be confident that finding the right person won’t delay your project. Our network of professionals also allows us to assign multiple advisors to your project when needed

Our capabilities

-Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), e.g., HAZOP Studies
-Compliance Audits and Program Assessments
-PSM Program Development and Implementation
-RMP Program Development and Implementation
-Release and Spill Assessment
-Safety Instrumented Systems
-Operating and Maintenance Procedures Development
-Mechanical Integrity Program Development and Implementation Guidance
-Human Factors and Human Error Analysis
-Facility Siting Analysis
-Quantitative Risk Assessment
-Emergency Response Program Development and Implementation Guidance
-Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support
-Accident Investigations and Root cause Analysis


We are able to offer a wide range of courses in order to help you and your employees understand their own and the company legal responsibilities. The following safety training courses are just a few of the many courses that we can deliver for you, we can even tailor a bespoke training course to suit your company needs. All of our courses are delivered by approved qualified safety consultants and trainers. Training programmes consist of Videos where applicable – Power Point presentations – Detailed delegates hand outs – Case Studies -practice sessions – interactive discussions – Assessment of understanding. We would be pleased to arrange for in house training to take place at your workplace or nominated venue, subject to a minimum number of delegates or a fix click here for more info